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Welcome to the wonderful world of 900’s bubbels.
The 900s were created with the intent of offering, in a unique line, the best of the Italians sparkling, carefully selected and produced according to a careful control method, which guarantees unique products in all aspects, with the aim to make known and promote throughout the world, the great sparkling wines heritage of the “Made In Italy”.

Arzu The Foodbar supplier

Arzu The Foodbar Supplier

At an early age, Arzu could always be found in the kitchen. She created her foodbars and built a wellknown name for herself, with the compliments that it looked like her foodbars came from a bakery. But nothing is less true – all bars are handmade in her own kitchen! Cocobars, Espressobars, Magicbars and many more kinds of bars are Arzu’s specialty and can she be found at more and more foodmarkets. At Taste this year, we can enjoy her foodbars again!

Bus unlimited solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions offers suitable support in catering and promotion to public and business events. We absolutely love to help our clients with organizing events and pampering their guests. We exclusively use pure products and representative hosts and hostesses and we own multiple unique oltimer foodtrucks and trailers. Our experience in both the national and international hospitality branche helps us to create a long-lasting memory to our clients. This year we will be present at Taste of Amsterdam for the 9th time with our turquoise cocktail truck and our freshly made mojitos in the variations lime, raspberry, passionfruit and coco.


Cannoleria Only Cannoli makes the most delicious hand-made cannoli, with passion and according to its authentic recipe. This sweet Sicilian treat is an artisan rolled cookie filled with a tasty creme and covered with intense chocolate.

Case of Coffee logo

Case of Coffee

Case of Coffee is the place to be for your fresh organic cup of coffee. We serve the Gusto Celeste blend from our nostalgic- looking espressobar. From a latte to an espresso we make a taste of every cup of coffee. We serve our cappuccino during the Tasste of Amsterdam in a special chocolate coffee cone. Also our traditional pastry will not be missed during the Taste. We love to present you our real cheesecake and French eclairs. And last but not least, our cookie espresso ice roll coffee. A mouth-watering iced coffee that completes our menu.

De tapruijters

De Tapruijters

De Tapruijters is a truck that serves the best craft beers in town from different breweries. They love diversity, so there is an appropriate beer for every beer lover! At Taste of Amsterdam there will be several different beers, from a hoppy IPA to a refreshing Weizen or a spicy Tripel. Cheers to that!

Denise choice logo

Denise's Choice

Denise’s Choice imports alcohol the free wines from Vendôme mademoiselle for a couple of years now. Apart from the high-end wine suppliers, this wine is sold in pregnancy stores and lifestyle and cooking shops. In the hospitality industry, you have to offer an alternative for wine, think about the designated driver, pregnant women, people under 18 or people on a diet. New this year are alcohol free cocktails, Mojito’s from Cuba and Aperol Spritz from Veneto. Maybe we can even let you taste a Alcohol free Gin-Tonic.

Frecious slow juice

Frecious Slowjuice is the healthiest juice in the Netherlands. Forgot to eat your veggies today? No worries. With Frecious you make sure you’ll take them in anyway. Every bottle of juice contains more than 300 grams of ingredients of which at least 70% is vegetables. The rest is herbs, spices and a little bit of fruit. Frecious is 100% organic and your daily health boost. It’s vegetable juice like you’ve never tasted it before.


We, the Dutch-Greek family Gkazas, produce Gkazas Oil on our own land and on that of our friendly neighbours. The product is prepared in the most authentic way for the love of it. Our olive grove is located in the mountains of central Crete, where the soil is fertilized by goats and sheep that graze freely. The olive trees irrigate through natural rainfall. We harvest and press the olives every winter ourselves.  Our extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, organic, cold-pressed and not mixed with other oils: a pure and honest family product.

Hout van je stad

Wood that is rich in history, with a sustainable future.
What do we do and why?
Hout van je Stad (love your city / wood from your city) makes beautifully-designed and sustainable products out of wood from trees from your own city. Normally turned into wood chips for a forest path or fuel for a furnace, these trees are instead now afforded a second life. In this way we avoid wasting good wood and at the same time we create products with history and a story.  Products to love, to be proud of and which connect you to your own city.

Las Paletas logo

Las Paletas

Las Paletas (Spanish for icelollies) are handmade artisan sorbet and dairy lollies, made with only the best quality ingredients such as real fruit and real dairy. All our lollies are 100% natural and free from additives, which makes it a healthy treat for everyone. With our variety of flavors, such as Strawberry Sorbet and Pineapple Chili to Coconut Lemonade and Salted Caramel there’s a lolly for everyone. To make it a over the top guilty pleasure, have us dip your lolly in Belgian Chocolate and top it with one (or more) of the toppings we have.

Lee Kum Kee logo

Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee, founded in 1888, is maintaining its No.1 position as the authentic Chinese sauce brand in Hong Kong and the world’s No.1 Oyster Sauce brand for 11 consecutive years. Lee Kum Kee is also the largest and best known Chinese sauce brand in the global Chinese market as well as the brand of choice of Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants and chefs. Available at Albert Heijn, Jumbo supermarkets, Plus supermarkets, Boon’s Markt, MCD, DEEN, EMTÉ, Vomar, Dirk, all Chinese supermarkets and Cash & Carries.

Madame Cocos

Love fits in a little jar. Our love for cocos certainly does and we like to share that with you. Now you are able to make to make the tastiest cocoballs yourself very easily. Together with your children, partner or just for yourself. Enjoy the sweet warm aromas while baking them in the oven, and naturally the amazing taste of your homemade cocoballs!


Our passion for great and honest food, the creation of sometimes unexpected flavor combinations, starts with our amazing olive oils, balsamics and wine vinegars.
Eric and Galina are on a constant journey to find these rare, exceptional olive oils and delicacies from Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries.
With our extended knowledge of flavors and fragrances we can help you to find the most perfect combinations with olive oil and meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or desserts.
We share our knowledge through workshops and tasting sessions.
Just drop by at Taste of Amsterdam and let us take you on a culinary journey.

Soba U

Soba U Ginger Beer is a clear, still drink made with a blend of mineral water, 9% pure ginger juice, almond essence, cloves and star anise. The result is a distinctive flavour that has a subtle sweetness without tasting sugary. The herbs give a delicate and sophisticated floral scent and as you sip the drink, the spice comes through. The real ginger juice gives an pleasant kick that gently warms the back of the throat without the burning sensation sometimes associated with ginger beer. The overall experience provides the indulgence of drinking a fine wine or spirit but without alcohol.



TrueTapas wants to introduce you to the traditional tapas, directly imported from Portugal and other European countries. Wine, smoked salmon, fish tapas, chourizo, olives, at TrueTapas you will find all these traditional tapas and many more. Are you looking for an original present for you friends or family? Think of a ChourizoBBQ, a table-BBQ for all kinds of sausages! Come visit us and try some of the delicious products TrueTapas offers.


Rioja Logo

Vinos de Espana

The Rioja “Control Board” is an institution founded in 1926 with a primary purpose to supervise quality control from vineyard through bottling to promoting the region and defending the interests of the region´s wine sector. The quality controls systems in Rioja are one of the most stringent in the world of wine. Rioja is one of the few that requires that all of its production be bottled at source, which has created the sense of safety and trust among consumers and has allowed Rioja to attain its current leading position on the market. Located in north central Spain, Rioja is considered one of the greatest red wine regions in the world.The institution administers highly sophisticated and stringent quality control in the winemaking process, from viniculture to bottling.

WALDO chocolate & pastries

Original chocalate and pastry creations from own recepies. All product are hand-made with the needed love for the job. Every single product is a new one, just as beautiful as it is delicious thanks to the suprising combination of taste and texture.



Willem's wermoed logo

Willem's Wermoed

An exceptional vermouth is dependent upon diverse and aromatic botanicals, and the journey to create Dutch artisanal vermouth Willem’s Wermoed began in one of the oldest and most prolific botanical gardens on the planet, Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, planted in 1638. Wermoed means ‘wormwood’, an important ingredient in vermouth that contributes the distinct bittersweet flavour, but wormwood is just one of the 24 fresh botanicals.